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Used Truck Search Difficulties? Different Regional Names For Semi And Cargo Trucks

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In different parts of this country, semi trucks and cargo trucks go by very different names. This can create some confusion when you are attempting to find and purchase trucks for your own business. If you cannot find a used semi truck or used cargo truck under those two phrases, try one of the following phrases used in different regions of the country.

Search "Used Cab-overs"

Cab-overs refer to the fact that the cab of a truck sits directly over the top of the truck's engine. These are rarely used in the U.S., and are much more common in Canada. As such, you may find more "cab-overs" for sale in states that border on Canada.

Search "Used Stepvans"

Stepvans are really large delivery vans with rolling side doors on the driver and single passenger side. They are named for the one to three steps built into the sides of the vehicle behind the rolling doors. The steps help the driver get down from the seat and climb out from on high. Their rolling doors on the back make it easy to load and unload really large parcels and/or equipment. They are fairly common in the Midwest and parts of the South.

Search "Used Box Trucks"

Box trucks should not be confused with stepvans, although they look very similar. The body of a stepvan is continuous, from the windshield to the back door, whereas the box truck has a separate box on the back of the truck that is not connected to the cab. They are an abbreviated (or shorter) type of semi truck, except that box trucks are all on the same drive train and the box travels in the same line as the cab. They are the most common truck on the road (next to semi trucks) and are used for moving residences and businesses as well as moving cargo. Ergo, you should be able to find used box trucks just about anywhere, and your drivers will not need a semi truck driver's license to drive a box truck.

Search "Used Freightliner Trucks for Sale"

Freightliner is actually a brand name, but it produces all kinds of semis, vans, and cargo hauling vehicles. This phrase shows that using the name brand of a work truck manufacturer could make all the difference when you are searching for trucks for your fleet. It does not always work, since some truck manufacturers also make other power equipment or tools too. However, it is a good starting point, and worth the try.

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